What You Need To Know On Cannabis Packaging & Learn Holistic Ways To Ease Body Aches & Pain

What You Need To Know On Cannabis Packaging & Learn Holistic Ways To Ease Body Aches & Pain

Published: February 25, 2019

How to save the world one Cannabis package at a time!

I was reading up on this brilliant company called, Sana. They are Brand to watch out for because they want help put an end of global plastic pollution through the means of other material; and what a broad and amazing group like those of the Cannabis community to engage!

With the Cannabis industry rising each day, companies, brands, and ultimately manufacturers will be producing high quantities of packaging for all these products. Out of all the global plastic pollution, half of it is from a single use of plastic. It is the packaging that it came in.

Well, here comes, Sana, (get familiar with the name too) revolutionizing the delivery package. They’re packaging is made from either recycled plastic from the ocean or 100% plant-based plastic made from Hemp. They even kept in mind the natural curiosity of children and made all their packages childproof. So your vape pens, oils, and bud all stay out of their wonderous little hands. 

They teamed up with Oceanworks, whose long-term goal is having a plastic-free ocean (again). Oceanworks is the company responsible for the collection of plastic pollution from the island Haiti and then transporting it over to Sana where they then create their storage containers. How sustainable! It’s exciting to see that there are people out there that genuinely care.

They have also teamed up with all American hemp farmers to develop a safer and more efficient package.
Fun Facts on hemp:
~requires less water to grow than most crops~ needs fewer pesticides to grow than most crops
~growth maturity around 90 days
~pest resilient ~yields more produce per acre compared to cotton
~has a THC level of less than 0.3% (THC responsible for the psychoactive props.)
~can grow in most climates

Now, what is hemp? What’s the difference in hemp vs. cannabis vs. marijuana?
Well, Cannabis is the broad group that has hemp and marijuana fall under. Kind of like wine being a general category then you have white wine, red wine, etc.

Now Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp has no THC, so you don’t get high. It does, however, have CBD, which CBD’s job is to ease pain, stress, anxiety, addictive behaviors, and rejuvenates cell growth. Hemp’s appearance is usually tall and skinny with its leaves concentrated at the top. Hemp can sometimes grow up to 20 feet high! Hemp-cloth is used for anything from clothes to packaging to even cars now!

To check out the Hemp Car, follow the link below:

Now onto marijuana. Marijuana has both properties of THC and CBD. So you get that chill head high, creative juices flowing, and awareness of the moment, plus the ease of body pain and stress. Marijuana is used medicinally or recreationally for those reasons. A marijuana plant is short, chubby and has anywhere between 5%-35% of THC. Mary Jane, now she has to be tamed when she’s being grown. The plant needs a warm and humid climate with plenty of sunshine. 

For more on hemp vs. marijuana, follow the link below:

So it’s incredible to see how cannabis just expands into all parts of everyday life. It’s even more amazing to know that there are active people out here thinking of ways to be innovative with the cannabis community.

Our part in Sana, and goes with anything in this world is to speak up! You want something, you’re going to have to ask for it. We as a consumer have the power. We ask our favorite Brands to start packaging in a more sustainable approach, then we shall receive a more sustainable packaging. Ask, and you shall receive!

To read more on Sana and their goals, follow the link below:

So imagine how excited I was with this news I went ahead and told a friend, and she even brought up how her JUUL is wasteful. Not only does she recognize she needs to quit because it’s harmful to her body, but when talking about waste she saw it as damaging to the planet. Continually having to buy a new pod to replace the empty one, that also adds up to global plastic pollution.

Now have you heard of this new thing the kids are on these days called, JUUL which is an electric cigarette that is shaped like a USB drive and can hold just as much nicotine in one pod like that of a 20 pack of traditional cigarettes? 

To read more on the JUUL, follow the link below:

I get that she likes that smoking feeling, as do I, and it is all mental at the end of the day because really it’s that inhale and exhale; that low key breathing exercise we do when we smoke. It’s been proven that inhaling deep, holding the breath and releasing slowly does release tension. So I suggested in her transitioning into vaping CBD oil instead of nicotine oil. At least she’ll be dosing her body with a medicine that’s been proven to reduce long-term health risks like diabetes and high blood pressure.

CBD is one of the leading chemical compounds that makes cannabis. As mentioned above hemp has CBD, but minimal THC present. Marijuana also has both, but percentages of THC are higher, and CBD is a balanced percentage compared to hemp.

THC- gives you that head high
CBD- gives you that body high

CBD doesn’t give you that head high where you’re paranoid of who’s watching you. It reduces your anxiety levels, eliminates stress and any kind of bodily discomfort plus it helps in cell rejuvenation. A study found that it lowered levels of high blood pressure, diabetes, and inhibits any cancer cell growth or migration! How amazing, right! CBD has been tested over and over on all kinds of cancer cells, and when I read that CBD had an adequate reaction, honestly, I wasn’t surprised.

They don’t call Marijuana the flower of life for nothing! At least that’s what I call it. They use CBD to ease the pain in patients undergoing radiation therapy, and that has been proven to be effective. Probably because the CBD is helping repair any damaged cells. This just demonstrates the love we need to keep giving good ole’ Cannabis.

To read more CBD goodness and what it does for cancer, follow the link below:

Not only does CBD help ease any pain, but so does Turmeric. Turmeric is a bright orange root that we see mostly in a powder form to flavor up a stew and season some veggies. Turmeric has been used for centuries throughout Asia in Ayurveda therapy. Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu system of medicine through diet, herbal treatment, and yoga. Pretty much, simple, clean, natural living. Love it!

Fun Facts on Turmeric:
~promotes digestion and liver functions
~boosts brain cognition~supports the nervous and circulatory system
~eases body pain
~brightens skin
~removes unwanted hairs

All this in that beautiful bright orange root! So many benefits! To relieve body pain, make a serum using either coconut oil or aloe vera gel and if you just so happen to have a CBD concentrate oil, go ahead and add that too! Apply the serum to back pain, joint or muscle pain, lay down, smoke a jay or eat a CBD edible and feel the pain slowly lift off your body.

Or you could drink a turmeric tea from Organic India. Their line of Teas is fantastic! The one I drink has ginger and tulsi basil! So it’s an even more cleansing the body kind of tea. Watch my video and read my blog on tulsi basil and learn how beneficial tulsi basil can be for the brain and pineal gland. There’s so much healing in herbs it’s incredible!

As with anything in life, everything is good in moderation! So don’t go on a crazy turmeric binge and every day you’re consuming turmeric because you’ll end up throwing off your body’s balance. If pregnant or on blood thinner medication consult with a doctor on dosage, please.

To read more on Turmeric and it’s holistic healing properties, follow the links below:
Link to Organic India tea site:

Sana to Revolutionize Cannabis Packaging+PLUS+ Learn How CBD & Turmeric Relieves Body Pain

How CBD & Turmeric Relieves Body Pain

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Learn what Sana Brand is doing to revolutionize sustainability in the Cannabis community.


Find out how to relieve body aches through CBD and Turmeric teas & pastes.

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