PGR’s & How It Affects Your Weed Lovin’ & Your Heart Chakra

PGR’s & How It Affects Your Weed Lovin’ & Your Heart Chakra

Published: February 17, 2019

What do you know about PGR’s and its role with marijuana?

Well, it’s similar to how they grow fruits and veggies in mass production.

PGR = Plant Growth Regulator

To me, that registers as pesticides, like steroids for weed.

Another reason to watch where Mary Jane is grown and how it was grown. I know it might sound like doing extra when asking your plug too many questions. BUT, think about it like this… The more issues you have, the more you want to know, the more your plug will want to put in that extra care for their product, and if they don’t then maybe it’s time for an upgrade in connections.

Nowadays, it’s not hard finding the proper plug that knows his product and can answer all your questions and show quality.

In the article I read, the author, Heavy Dayze, who runs The Pot podcast, reports on the top 3 PGR’s on the market.  But also keeps us aware that luckily, California & Massachusetts EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) both have banned the chemical growth regulator in their state.

One being, Paclobutrazol, is a regulator that disrupts the growth of the terpenes which then links into the growth pathway of THC. Terpene is one of the major building blocks of marijuana. Terpene central role is handling the sweet aroma of Ms. Mary Jane, her perfume, her sweet scent we all fall in love with once the stash jar has been opened. That smell greets us and hits us with a wonderful ‘hello.’ 

To read more on Terpenes, follow the link:

Paclobutrazol, aka PBZ, has been linked to liver damage and disruption of spermatogenesis. Which I found very interesting only because I remember an article passing by about a year ago saying how marijuana users have been linked to a lower sperm count. A whole study with over 1000 men being studied. A real serious study and research group set out to prove if marijuana really inhibits the health of sperm in males. Interesting, I know, not really *side eyes*, but it gets better.

A more recent study has now been done and has concluded that weed actually creates sperm to be healthier! According to a study done by Harvard, with a test sample of 600 men, researchers found that they had a higher sperm count! Contradicting previous studies.

Makes you wonder though… really for my high self and me. I just think well maybe, just MAYBE, the weed sampled in the study was not grown with PBZ.  Since Harvard is in Massachusetts, the one out of two states that banned the chemical in that state, cannabis was found clean of PBZ. Just makes you wonder. Food for thought. Do you feel brain growth regulated? I know I did. Bottom line and I can’t stress this enough! Know what you’re getting! Watch your weed & ask your questions!

Know where Mary Jane has been and who she been hooking up with! Hahaha, it’s silly, but necessary in a mass production focused world.

 The 2 other chemicals mentioned in the article also include Daminozide and Chlormequat Chloride. Noted that Daminozide was banned by the EPA in 1989 to be used on food crops because it led to cancer to people who were exposed to the PGR. Meanwhile, Chlormequat Chloride also disrupts the impact on fertility in mammals.

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In other news and more on the month of Love & everything related to the feeling.

I wanted to learn more about the heart chakra and what is really in charge of all the “Love” feeling. So I found some cool, interesting facts about the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is related closely to the meanings and emotions associated with Love. The Heart Chakra has a primary characteristic of its capacity to love and to appreciate all beauty and things. So keep up with some self-love. Do things that make you happy. What I recommend is to figure out what made you the most comfortable when you were a kid. And I’m talking about when you were a kid, running around the playground sweating and chasing balls in a game. That kid, ask them what made them happy and just do it. That is some good ole’ self-love practicing.

Also, the heart chakra is related to the color green! Go figure, for some reason I always thought it was related to the color red.  But that’s what reading does to you, you learn something. 
My favorite color has always been green since I can remember. 
So wearing the color and having the color all surrounded by you can promote chakra health. Also consuming green veggies and fruits, and green tea!
Related to the air sign, doing breathing exercises help open and keep the heart chakra strong. My favorite breathing exercise would be box breathing, try it out: Inhale for 4 seconds, Hold for 4 seconds, Exhale 4 seconds, and Hold 4 seconds. Repeat over and over until you breath starts slowing down. But any playful breathing techniques should work as well.
There’s also yoga poses to open the chakra and release any tension associated with the chakra. Poses like the camel, eagle, and back bending poses like the cobra.

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Until next time, stay wise and loved!

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