Nanotechnology: What You Need To Know About It In Your Weed

Nanotechnology: What You Need To Know About It In Your Weed

Published: February 10, 2019

Yessss! The Cannabis Business is BOOMING!
And ain’t it so Sweet?!

Weed Liquor sounds fun, sounds like a lit time, sounds like something most people would try, whether in a cocktail or straight shot!

So when a friend had mentioned to me about Weed Liquor, I had to do my research.

What I found out is worth everyone knowing!

Because cannabis is not water soluble it does not mix well with liquids so to create a stable product for brands, they are developing emulsifiers through nanotechnology.

Now you ask, “What’s so wrong with that?,” Well, emulsifiers are additives to make a product look and seem more stable while it sits on the shelf in a store. These emulsifiers have been linked to having a lasting adverse effect on the body in various ways. Like the onset of diabetes, heart diseases, and many others.

These specific emulsifiers for cannabis liquor are that of nanotechnology have been linked to DNA damage, cytotoxicity, and effects to the immune system.

Personally, I have no time or energy or the FUNDS to be dealing with any of this cytotoxic-who’s and what have you’s!

To read what I read, follow the link :

The bottom line is to know where everything is sourced from. Especially your weed, do not be afraid to ask your plug, “where is it grown, how is it grown and what is it grown with?”

+PLUS+ Israel has now joined the list of countries to import cannabis out their border lines. The other countries are Canada and the Netherlands. The world is waking up again, they’re starting to lift the whole negative outlook on this plant of again! And I say again because my high ass is writing this right now and all I can picture is some old, I’m talking OLD, ships crossing seas to deliver goods that included and was not in any limitation of good ole’ marijuana. I mean come on! It’s been documented in ancient Chinese scripts even written by the philosopher Confucius, himself; that cannabis cures physical pain or a mental disorder. How about we take it back even further than ancient China and go to ancient Egypt for a while. Now can you just picture the Pharaohs’ personal doctor’s writing medical books with remedies to inflammation in the body using cannabis, because I can picture it all!

& I’m damn sure that they had inter-border trading going on then too!

Interested in more on ancient Chinese & even more ancient Egyptian takes on cannabis follow these links for fun:

China :

Egypt :

On an even more loving note! I decided to do a little somethin’ somethin’ for the month dedicated to Love. So I thought I’d share some of my Self-Love Rituals. I always start out with a gorgeous, healthy bowl of weed and sip a refreshing rosewater drink. I get a rosewater concentrate and use it for almost everything like a face mask, hair mask, sweet treat flavorings I “be chefin'” in the kitchen, and an occasional rose lemonade, given I have lemons in the house. Traditionally though, I’ll just go ahead and mix about 2 TBLSPNS of rosewater with my own bottle of water and drink some love.

Rose water is known to hydrate skin, relieve any inflammation, and help ease a sore throat to even digestion issues! *sips a large cup of rose tea*

To find out more rose water benefits, follow the link :

I also LOVE my Rose Quartz and Amethyst stones and what an appropriate month to give them gratitude and attention! Both stones are great for the oncoming and promotion of love.

Rose Quartz is a pale pink stone of love and compassion. Love and compassion starting with you first are essential. I feel that to love others properly, you must love yourself first. Doing that, you might have to go live in your past for a little and figure out where any pain or traumatic event took place that made you stop loving yourself. Because we can say, “I love myself” every day, but the way we show it through the love and service to others means a lot more. Are we truly listening to how upset they are? Do we understand both sides of the situation? Is there any feeling of pure compassion for the others involved?

Start with love for yourself first. Get good with you. Love yourself truly, because we will be tested daily on love. When that word registers to you, you automatically have a connection with this word and what it means to you. Through your experience with the word. We all feel something when the word hits your ears or your eyes. We instantly think our heart flutter and become excited. It’s incredible to Love. It’s even more amazing to love correctly.

Amethyst is an excellent stone that I’ve always known to be a stone to attract good energy. Reading more on it, it’s a perfect match with Rose Quartz just because it too helps boost your brain reasoning.

For more stone love, follow these links:

Rose Quartz :

Amethyst :

How about Lavender scents! A part of my self-love ritual, I love to spray lavender water in the air, but I don’t just limit myself to smelling lavender to cool the nervous system and relieve any tension and stress, but I also love making lavender teas. It has a powerful and potent scent, it’s best in moderation when making it into a tea. The smell of lavender has always been my top favorite scent! I remember making a YouTube account and my username being LuvLavender. Now I don’t know if it has any videos on it, but that goes to show the everlasting love I have 😀

Let us not forget the most essential part of some edible-Love! CHOCOLATE. It deserved to be in all caps because it’s so friggin’ good! Because I’m highly lactose-intolerant, and I won’t touch canola/vegetable oil or anything with soy. I’m very selective with my foods. Now with my chocolate, I’m ultimately careful because I like to know my chocolate was well traded and no bad business was taken place in the production and growth of it. So I went in choosing a top brand out here that not only caters to my diet restrictions but also my peace of mind that what I’m eating was not stolen or underpaid to the people growing it and mass producing it. Organic and Non- GMO, Alter Eco has taken my heart with all it’s giving back to the forest and surrounding communities that are involved in the luscious chocolate production. They have planted over 200,000 trees back into the ecosystem and ensure fair trade direct with their small-time farmers. Not only that, but they also use recycled material for some of their products which is more amazing!

Check the CHOCOLATE Love, follow the link :

One last thing about the days of the week and it’s corresponding colors. Mondays are moon days, go figure; but it makes sense if you think about Saturday and it’s ruling planet being Saturn and Sunday’s ruling planet being the Sun, duh. Monday is ruled by the moon which is associated with emotions and fertility. Monday is all about the sacral chakra so wearing oranges helps heal and promote energy associated with the sacral chakra.

For more cool chakra insights follow the link :

That’s all for this week on Love and what it means to me!

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Remember it’s all love in the end… Love These Plants, & They’ll Love You Back <3

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