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All Natural Whipped Shea & Cocoa ‘Heart Chakra’ Butter

$15.00 $10.00

SWEEDER Handmade Heart Chakra Butter can be used for overall chakra and body care including facial hair & skin.
🌹 Lavender calms the nervous system which in turns calms anxiety, tension and enhances focus and the respiratory system.
🌹 Rose calms ailments such as inflamed eyes, dizziness, headaches, sore throat, nervousness, grief, dullness of the skin and acne caused by imbalances.

2 oz of confidence in our UV protected glass jar! Please be kind & recycle! Not tested on animals. Non- Toxic ingredients.


The source of many of our problems lies in the energy centers and the circulation of energy through the subtle body. When one’s Chakra’s unfold as they should, the way is paved for physical, mental, and spiritual health. The basic problem is that energy is not circulating as it should be, and as a result the relationship with their higher self is lost. This Heart Chakra Whipped Body Butter has been hand crafted with the most confident intentions to leave your skin Sweeder! At SWEEDER we are dedicated in using all natural ingredients to leave you with butter-like skin. For this magical healing blend we used infused Rose & Lavender for optimal skin and chakra healing. With these MINDFULLY selected herbs with sustainable roots, using SWEEDER Whipped Chakra Body Butter benefits the healing of your Heart Chakra.
Order Yours Today, Live Sweeder Tomorrow!

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