Sweeder Smoke Blend To Open Your 3rd Eye & Astral Travel/ Lucid Dream

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This sweet herbal blend is both a tea and a SMOKE blend! Yes, you read that right… a SMOKE blend, meaning weed and tobacco are not the only plants & herbs out here that we can smoke. Of course, if you’re not into smoking you can make this into a Sweet Dreams tea before bed to sooth your nerves and enhance your dreams vividly.


‘Sweet Dreams’ is a blend of 14 grams of organic Lemongrass, Lavender, Damiana, Mugwort, Rose, Sage & Skullcap. And YES! They are all safe to smoke. This blend has been charged with energies from Crown Chakra Crystals including Clear Quartz, Labradorite, & Amethyst. Please recycle & compost. This blend is designed to awaken your dream state. The herbs used induces lucid dreams and astral travel. Before bed, smoke the blend and think of where you want to go, who you want to see, and any solutions to a problem that may be disturbing your waking life. 1gram is recommended before bed. Consult a doctor before consuming to ensure you are not allergic.

5 reviews for Sweeder Smoke Blend To Open Your 3rd Eye & Astral Travel/ Lucid Dream

  1. Ashley

    I really loved the taste of the blends … it was a perfect mixture without any harsh smoke! I sometimes get anxiety when I smoke but with the herbs it’s a really smooth chill high where I can also be productive , get into deep conversations … definitely helps with not being too high where you want to sleep but also very relaxing 🙂 you can also smoke it by itself if you’re trying to quit tabaco !

    • Sweeder

      We thank you so much and hope you keep enjoying your time with Sweeder Smoke Blends! Paranoia is definitely an issue with some weed lovers out here so glad you found the Lavender to relax that part of your nervous system. This is a true perspective, if you want to get off smoking tobacco too, love it! Glad these herbs can stimulate so much within your energy! Stay Sweet!

  2. Thalia Merida

    Sweet dreams herbal tea and smoke blend is exactly that sweet, smooth and has an aroma that makes its delightful to smoke. It makes the experience so much better and pleasant. Relaxing and cleansing at the same time. I definitely recommend it, don’t think about twice.

    • Sweeder

      Thank you so much and we are so happy you’re enjoying Sweeder’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ Smoke/Tea Blend! Sounds like you found your sweet spot!

  3. Stue

    This blend is amazing, puts you in a sedative and relaxing space where you can either meditate or sleep. I’ll def be getting more!!!

    • Sweeder

      YES! Perfect smoke or tea blend before bed! So happy your enjoying Sweeder’s ‘Sweet Dreams’, thank you much!

  4. Saba

    Love, love, love,,,, this. This so soothing, I’m totally in love. It’s everything I need for my home.

  5. Niqko

    I absolutely loved it! Thanks to sweet dreams, I’ve been having the best sleep of my life! I mix it with my herb and it never fails. It’ll relax you and you enjoy every second of it. Will buy again and again. This product will not disappoint you.

    • Sweeder

      Thanks so much for the appreciation! That’s all I want for people is to enjoy and truly rest while they sleep! Sweet Dreaming! ✨

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