✨Sweeder Extended Zodiac Crystal Reading 📖

$65.00 $55.00

With up to 9-12 pages of your Zodiac, related Crystals, and Numerology reading, discover how to equip your personal being with the proper power according to your Birth Chart.

Each Planet and Zodiac sign has a specific InnerG and Crystal to properly manifest or transmute the InnerG.
This reading will include crystal recommendations and ideas on how to use the crystal and when. Not to Mention!

  1. Your Numerology Missing Link (the areas in life where you struggle)
  2. Your Life Path/Destiny Number
  3. Meditations For Your Birthday
  4. Small Custom Crystal Gift

Additional information

Zodiac ✨

Please let me know your Rising, Sun, & Moon signs. If you don't know it, leave your 1) Birthday 2) Time You Were Born 3) Birth Location in the order notes/comments.


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