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Ancient Goddess of Cannabis? PLUS! CBD Is Great For Acne!

Published On: March 12, 2019

I wanted to keep this women’s month vibe going and highlight an ancient goddess in Egypt that had her hand in the Cannabis love.

Let me start out by saying how much I always have felt this deep connection to Egypt I loved all the pyramids and the gods and goddesses, hieroglyphs and the Nile river! 
Fun fact about the infamous Nile river, it is the only river in the world that flows from south to north, originating in beautiful Ethiopia.
My closest friends are Ethiopian, which just further deepens the connection I’ve had to this part of the world!

The goddess, Seshat, is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, math, science, accounting, architecture, astronomy, surveying, and timekeeping. Her name translates to ‘she who is the scribe.’ Known as the Mistress of the Library, Mistress of Builders, and Lady of Fate, Seshat is recognized as the goddess who originated and invented writing. Her fierce leopard dress represents the starry sky and her 7-pointed leaf above her head is said to represent a Cannabis leaf underneath a crescent moon.

This ancient female power is the only woman in Ancient Egyptian history depicted in hieroglyphs as writing. All other Queens and females show they know how to read and write with books and writing tools in their hands, but none depicted in the act of writing. EXCEPT Seshat!

Power Female!

The Stretching of the Cord Ceremony, was always performed when a new building was set to be constructed. The Pharaoh and a priestess representing Seshat would tie ropes and cords made from hemp to perfectly align with the stars in the sky for the proper placement in the city.  Hemp rope was widely used for measurements and building construction having it be an easily grown resource and having a durable quality.

Personally, I think these ancient rituals and lost knowledge is the coolest thing ever!

I believe that the saying “being high”, was coined from being with your higher self. Being high has this certain clarity on scenarios and situations you normally wouldn’t be able to feel and see without cannabis. It is about being more in tune with the Earth and yourself and how the two go hand-and-hand.

So it would be interesting to think that while she was writing and getting all her wisdom and scripting that maybe she was with her higher consciousness that cannabis helped induce. Hence, the leaf above her head as she is always being shown in the act of writing.

Now I couldn’t find any kind of facial serum that they might have mixed and concocted for these goddesses and priestesses and Pharaohs and queens, so I decided to make one for myself.

Us women we are all about beauty and health and we care for our skin. The makeup industry has sky rocketed so fast and it is another territory where it has now become too much to keep up with.

ALERT! ALERT! The following is top secret! So, watch out now… just messing and being dramatic, but spot testing is always recommended. You never know what you might be allergic to and how your skin might react to the following ingredients.

I took my secret recipe and added, what else than the good ol’ CBD oil.

My Secret Recipe:

Coconut Oil
Rosehip Oil
Vitamin E

If Coconut oil isn’t your thing, Castor Oil will also make a great base.

CBD is NOT water soluble, so mixing it with oils and creams will be your best bet when applying CBD externally.

Having CBD being great for inflammation, CBD is great for acne!
Acne= Inflammation

Chart Mentioned In The Video, Hope It Helps You Too!

So, adding a few drops of CBD to your moisturizers is great to help rid acne and acne scars. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

CBD is also great for dry skin and psoriasis. Also add a couple drops to your hair moisturizer to ease dry scalp.

Or just make a big batch of my secret recipe and use the moisture all over!

For more information on Seshat , CBD for acne, and the legality of CBD in the states, check out the links below.

Stay Sweet & Wise.
– Marissa


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