Beginner’s Basics To The Full Moon’s Energy

Published On: January 27, 2019

Being a Cancer ruled by the Moon, I had to show the Moon some love. I had to do a video talking a little, tiny bit about the Moon and its role, its influence as a full Moon AND its influence it had while it was in Leo’s sign.

Now with my beginner level explanations on the Moon.

Planets are the focal points of energy.
The 12 zodiac signs are ruled by a planet(s).

Aries: Mars
Taurus: Venus
Gemini: Mercury
Cancer: Moon
Leo: Sun
Virgo: Mercury
Libra: Venus
Scorpio: Mars & Pluto
Sagittarius: Jupiter
Capricorn: Saturn
Aquarius: Saturn & Uranus
Pisces: Neptune

So what does the Moon do? What are its energies that it gives to us?

Well the personality behind the Moon rules all things of a watery nature; the tides and the rhythms of the bodies as well as the oceans. The Moon represents the personality the subconscious or subjective mind and our instinctive behavior.

It is associated with our character traits including: instincts, memory, imagination, receptivity, impressionability, the desire for fresh experiences, femininity, maternity, fertility, emotions, feelings, moods, sensitivity, intuition, sensation, and sympathy. 
The Moon is strongest in the nurturing sign of Cancer and weakest in the unreceptive, unemotional Capricorn. The Moon is also powerful in Taurus and can be emotionally problematic in Scorpio.
So watch out for your Capricorn and Scorpio friends during a new Moon, so that when a full Moon comes they aren’t being thrown off by any negative energies that they might have occurred and set forth DURING the new Moon.

Well what does the full Moon mean and do, you might ask.

The full Moon is a great time to not only clean your crystals and meditate but it’s also the time to carry out any intentions you might have set during the new Moon. During the new Moon it is amazing to set any NEW intentions you have for yourself. Any NEW goals, NEW ventures, and any NEW wishes for yourself.

Our beautiful and bright full Moon illuminates the seed and glorious intentions set during a new Moon. The third quarter which is from the full Moon to last quarter, ideally brings clarification to the influences of the entire lunar cycle.
If a positive attitude of growth has developed, then the full Moon can do its job and fulfill your intentions. However, if you had negative attitude and perspective during this period of increasing light, then the full Moon can bring serious mental, and possibly physical conflicts.

Therefore, it is imperative to just STAY POSITIVE!
Everything starts from what we think. If we think the world is growing and changing into a much better place, then all we will see is the world shaping into a better form. Surround yourself in love, and love will be all that you are!

Now what good does the full Moon do while it is moving through the Leo Sign?

While the Moon is in Leo, people (no matter your zodiac sign) often crave romance, affection, and recognition. The desire to be admired and appreciated can be so strong that it may result in dramatic behavior. Please point out a Leo that is not overly dramatic! If you find one, let me know! Because that is a true rarity. Taking this knowledge, be aware that is the Moon is in Leo energy, EVERYONE will be somewhat extra dramatic then they usually tend to be.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, making this a time of ambition, independence, and leadership. People may refuse to recognize limitations. The Moon and Leo is a time of enjoyment and warmth, and a time to show kindness and generosity to others. Leo rules the heart and the upper spine.

Interested to know more? For more information, on all things related to the zodiac check out and buy yourself one of the books I bought. All the information above is sourced from the 2019 Celestial Influences Calendar. It is an amazing resource to have on hand and on the go. The Pocket Astrologer is a perfect travel size equipped with all the knowledge featured in the large calendar, but in a much smaller size.

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Stay Sweet & Wise!
– Marissa

P.S sorry about my space-heater being on in the background. Next video it will be silent! Promise. And probably more lighting on my left side… baby steps…baby steps…

Here’s a little somethinโ€™, somethin’ if your curious right now and want to read some literature on the Moon: