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Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? 😉|| RISING, SUN, MOON

We get asked this question throughout our lifetime and our response has always been our Sun Zodiac sign, but did you know we have a Moon & Rising Sign? These 3 signs are the main character traits

Self Love Starts With The First Step || An Article By PiaMinds

From the desk of PiaMinds… First, learn to recognize what triggers your anxiety – it may be fear of meeting and talking to new people, traveling alone, fear of heights, talking with your boss

How To Charge Your Crystals || Because We All Need To Recharge

It’s fascinating the powers and vibrations these crystals give us. So keeping them charged is crucial; kind of in the same sense of how we keep our phones or laptops charged ready to do work for

Crystal Know How’s || Amethyst 101

https://youtu.be/uT7c47ILZ74 Check Out My YouTube Channel & Subscribe! C'mon, You Know You Want To! Amethyst : The Stone Everyone MUST Have In Their Collection! Color: Shades of lavender and violet ranging from deep to pale purple. 💜Ruling Chakra: Crown👑Care: Fades in direct sunlight and works fine with...

Ancient Cannabis || How It Works For Acne

Ancient Goddess of Cannabis? PLUS! CBD Is Great For Acne! https://youtu.be/zgN8yW_RjUg Published On: March 23, 2019 I wanted to keep this women’s month vibe going and highlight an ancient goddess in Egypt that had her hand in the Cannabis love. Let me start out by saying how much I...