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Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign? πŸ˜‰|| RISING, SUN, MOON

We get asked this question throughout our lifetime and our response has always been our Sun Zodiac sign, but did you know we have a Moon & Rising Sign?

These 3 signs are the main character traits you hold.

What’s Your Rising/Ascendant Sign?

First, to find out your rising sign you must need to know 3 important things and then head over to and enter in your:
1) birthday
2) time of birth
3) city in which you were born.

The rising sign is the moment of time when you were born and what sign was rising at that exact time.

Metaphorically speaking, this is your front door of your home. When a guest or visitor first comes up to your home they first see your “door”. It’s the first impression you have on the world.

Take them cobwebs off them corner doors and learn about your rising sign!
Having crystals specific to your rising sign gives you the confidence to make the sign qualities more YOURS.

What’s Your Sun Sign?

The Sun travels around Mother Earth and moves through all 12 zodiac signs and stays in one for almost a month. This is the sign we know off instincts. The Sun is the most powerful planet, giving us light, warmth, and energy for growth. This force sustains life on Earth.

The Sun governs our individuality. This is our drive to fulfill our goals in life! This is how WE look at the World.

Metaphorically speaking, think of it as the painters’ first brush strokes on a canvas ready to start a Master Piece. Outlining the shape of our face, body, our structure.

Working with crystals specific to your Sun sign gives you that extra warm energy to really transform and heal parts of you, you are now discovering.

What’s Your Moon Sign?

To find out your moon sign you must need to know 3 important things and then head over to and enter in your:
1) birthday
2) time of birth
3) city in which you were born.

Personally, this has to be the most important sign and functionality in comparison to the other signs. The beautiful Moon, rules all things of a watery substance. Which includes US! We are made up of almost 70% water and just like a Full Moon raises the tides closer to shore, the Moon has a gravitational pull and push on us.

The Moon stands for emotions, instincts, and the unconscious. The Moon signifies personality, the side of you that ONLY you see!

Since the Moon rules your emotions, take a deep breath before you read on, but this means this is the side of you that reacts before you have time to think. Your emotion comes out in times of high energy and especially high emotion.

When entering a new relationship, know their Moon signs and study that sh!t. Know how they handle their emotions because no matter the relationship, how people handle and deal with their emotions can either make or break the bond.

“Know Thyself” takes on a whole new meaning when learning your Zodiac signs.

Stay Sweet & Wise!✨
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