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How To Charge Your Crystals || Because We All Need To Recharge

It’s fascinating the powers and vibrations these crystals give us. So keeping them charged is crucial; kind of in the same sense of how we keep our phones or laptops charged ready to do work for us.

Ways To Charge:

1) Using the power of the Sun.

The Sun gives each of us a special glow so why wouldn’t it give our crystals energy. Be sure to check to see if your stone is fine with being left in the Sun. Some stones like Rose Quartz or Blue Lace Agate will fade because of their pale complexions. Sunstone or Carnelian are great stones that will love a good Sun bath.

2) Using the power of the Moon.

The Moon’s energy would be most brilliant while the Moon is Full. Stones great to charge are Moonstone or Selenite. It’s best to leave the stones outside bathing in the Full Moon light or even on your window sill. If you miss a Full Moon, no time to fret, you have the day before, day of , and day after to charge your crystals.

3) Earth Charging.

Place your stones under the base of your favorite plant or outside by a tree or even inside sand. Any stone works well with this technique.

4) Water Charging.

Now this way you have to take care of because not all stones like the water. As mentioned in my video. ” How To Charge Your Crystals”, Selenite does NOT like the water! It will just dissolve. My advice, Google to see if your stone is ok to go in water. The stones that CAN go in water, be sure it is a natural spring water source. Nothing MAN-MADE! You can soak your water friendly stones in spring water for up to an hour.

5) Pink Himalayan Salt

If you seen my video “How To Cleanse Your Crystals”, you are now hip to clean your crystal babies with P.H. Salt. Bet you didn’t know you can charge your crystals on it too! Leave it on/in P.H. Salt for up to 24 hours. This takes care of both cleaning & charging

6) Tesla Purple Plate.

Nikola Tesla, ‘Father of Free Energy’, invented many tools that harnessed free floating energy to raise the vibration of many. This plate came out after his passing when one of his colleagues helped finish and share his work with the world. To get your own Purple Plate follow this link.

7) Your Energy.

Use your own special talents and skills to charge your stones by singing or dancing with it. That natural state of talent and beauty that’s within you will vibe with the stone enhancing its natural given energy.

8) 3rd Eye Chakra Charge.

Focus on your desired outcome of your stone being completely charged and ready to go. Holding the stone to your forehead, where your 3rd Eye Chakra is, close your eyes and intend on the crystal to be charged to 100%. Visualize a green bar going from low to high, kind of like our phone battery icon.

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