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How To Cleanse Your Crystal || Because We All Need Some Cleaning

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How To Cleanse & Purify Your Crystals.

So a common question and concern, “How do you clean your crystals?”
To that I say, “Depends on the crystal.”
There are many ways, dry ways and wet ways and as mentioned in my video, the safest route would be the dry ways.
So let’s start out with that…

Dry Ways:
Invoke the sense of smell. 👃
Incense of any purifying scents such as: Sandalwood, Copal, Camphor, Frankincense or Myrrh are all cleansing scents that you can burn to cleanse your crystals. You can smudge with white Sage or even Palo Santo. BUT watch out for Palo Santo as it is a sacred tree and now being overharvested. Let’s ease up on our buying before the tree becomes extinct!

Invoke your sense of sound. 🎶
Tibetan singing bowls are a beautiful way to clear and cleanse the energy in your space through sound. It’s an energizing bowl that dispels any disrupting vibrations with sound.
Check out the video for a mini sample of a Tibetan singing bowl song. (3:23)
Also mentioned in the video, here is a link to some of my favorite Binaural Beats.
(This one my favorite out of the 2)

Always stick to Solfeggio Frequencies! Please and Thank You!

Invoke your sense of feeling. 🙌
With Reiki energy, you’re sending energy waves through your hands. This is best when closing your eyes, in a silent room, and visualizing a white light surrounding your body while holding the stone in your hands. Counting down from 7 to 1 giving the intention to the crystal of cleansing and purifying vibrations to remove and re-balance all energies. Holding the stone to your 3rd eye chakra also helps heighten this energy wave.

Invoke the electric sense. ⚡
Pink Himalayan Salt has a natural electric vibration! Yea, I know, Cool AF!
So putting your stones in a glass or ceramic bowl semi- or fully submerged for a couple hours cleansing the energy and gives it a charge as well!
There are also such things as Pink Himalayan Salt Tablets which are very heavy, but heavy with power and cleansing and charging energy.
Word to the wise, make sure your salt is coming straight from a reputable source. Do your research, that’s all I’m saying.

One would be wise to do these techniques during the Full Moon Phase. If you miss the Full Moon, don’t stress, you still have the day before and the day after to harness the use the energy.

Wet Ways:💦
There’s really only one way I recommend and that must be actual spring water.
In a glass/ceramic bowl with spring water and sea salt water submerge your crystal/gemstones. Keep in water from 1-24 hours based on its Moh’s scale. Moh’s is the hardness scale of a mineral or stone. To find out if a stone is safe to submerge in water, simply ask Google. The answer will be there.

There you have it, your guide in cleaning and purifying your crystals, gems/minerals, and stones.

Stay Wise & Loved!💕
Knowledge Is Power & Sharing Shows Love.
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